Ponteo Bar & Bowling menu

Ponteo Bar & Bowling menu

Bowling is a game in which the victory is relaxation and fun. Whether you came to play bowling with friends or celebrating your birthday, wedding or corporate party, in addition to the STANDARD MENU of our restaurant, we also offer a special bowling menu.

Fun in the bowling alley gets a new dimension with a good food. We also offer spreads, onion rings, chicken nuggets, vegetarian ciabatta, salmon Tartar and other specialities, in addition to the popular bacon hamburger Ponteo.

We wish you great fun and especially bon appetit.


Steak tartare with toasted bread and garlic1,3,10

100 g | 14,50 EUR

Hamburger Ponteo with french fries 1,3,10

200 g | 12,50 EUR

Spicy chicken wings with american potatoes 10

350 g | 8,50 EUR

Spicy chicken wings 1, 3,7

150 g | 5,20 EUR

French fries

150 g | 2,20 EUR

Bruschetta with basil pesto and Mozzarella1,7

100 g | 8,40 EUR

Home-made cracklings spread with onion10

100 g | 3,80 EUR

Ketchup /50 g | 0,90 EUR
Tartar sauce / 50 g | 0,90 EUR
Chilli sauce /50 g | 2,- EUR
Bread/ 20 g | 0,30 EUR

Delicious Canapes

Cheese variations with walnuts and grapes 7,8

150 g | 9,50 EUR

Salty olives

200 g | 6,- EUR


100 g | 3,80 EUR

Lays chips

70 g | 1,90 EUR

It is not recommended that not heat treated meat and eggs be consumed by children, pregnant women, nursing women and people with impaired immunity.

The weight of meal is stated before cooking |Prices are stated in EUR, included 20 % VAT. Valid from January 23rd, 2018.

Allergens: 1 cereals, 2 crustaceans, 3 eggs, 4 fish, 5 peanuts, 6 Jojo grains, 7 milk & dairy products, 8 nuts, 9 celery, 10 mustard, 11 sesame seeds, 12 sulfur dioxide, 13 lupins, 14 molluscs

Miesto, ktoré vám ostane v srdci.

Ponte znamená v latinčine most, spojenie. V Ponteo Activity Park sa v jedinečnej forme spája mesto s prírodou, práca so zábavou, aktivita s relaxom. Je to však predovšetkým miesto, ktoré spája ľudí - rodinu, priateľov, susedov a kolegov.

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